We provide a large business’ infrastructure and networking combined with an extra benefit:

On Boutique, our partners are always leading the way and a senior consultant provides constant support and attention in every project. Before anything, we analyze your company’s organizational culture and process of taking decisions, as well as its needs and challenges to overcome. This study allow us to define a proper job description and the ideal candidate’s characteristics. We aim to find a talent to match not only the position available, but your organization’s philosophy.

With a well-shaped search plan, our experts are ready to dive into the project and provide consistent services, from mapping to assess every candidate. You have full time access to all of the project by an online interface. For the finalist candidates, Boutique provides an in-depth evaluation, with consistent numbers and charts about technical skills, personal background and behavioral characteristics. This data-based analysis and our critical thinking ensure a reliable environment to make important decisions.


It’s pretty natural to have doubts whenever your organization faces significant changes or you need to make difficult choices.

“Is my team ready and qualified for this?” or “Do I have the best team possible?”

That’s when Boutique’s expertise gets in the scene: we are ready to help you taking crucial decisions when they matter the most.

Our assessment services measures the team’s accomplishments as well as their technical skills and behavior to determine if they are ready to meet your company’s present and future demands. We are able to check both the whole team and isolated professionals. This process is 100% confidential and conclusive for your business.

This analytical look helps you define better problem-solving strategies and ensures that your leaders are ready to fulfill your company’s objectives and improve results. It also makes it easy to tell if these same leaders are making decisions aligned to your organizational culture.

Assessment can as well be used to establish what team development methods works best for you and whom should receive the next promotion, besides avoiding unnecessary dismissals. Every project is planned based on your needs and our partners are ready to give full time assistance and enlightful insights.


Big decisions can’t be made in the dark. To light up the way and to make sure that your company grows as it should, Boutique offers custom-made mapping projects. Our consultants work to make you think outside the box and give confidence in crucial decision-making moments, such as mergers and acquisitions, expansions, replacing positions, and others.

This tool allows us to know if the company’s structure is efficient, to offer precise diagnosis of each staff member and to make sure that business flows in the right direction. We build a sharp analysis through market information and consistent data, all of it reported to you with charts and numbers carefully analyzed by our meticulous diagnosis.

To analyze industries and competition, to compare structures and salaries, to understand the scope of each position in different organizations or to evaluate if a new trending position is really necessary. These are some of our mapping possibilities, to name a few.

Efficient and pragmatic business advisory: another advantage of Boutique’s concept.


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